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Multiplier Event – Challenge Up! – “The 30 Days Journey”

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The multiplier event – Challenge Up! – “The 30 Days Journey” had a successful realization in North Macedonia. 🎉💡✨

More than 40 students, professors and teachers had a chance to learn about the Outdoor educational programs. Professor Biljana Popeska as the main researcher in the project presented the methodology in shared practical examples about outdoor-based education🏞🚵‍♀️🌄

The project youth worker Sanja Maksimova presented the project application “30-day challenge” emphasizing the benefits of using this application. The participant registered on the APP and we are more than happy to share that most of them started the challenge.✔️💡

Until the end of this year we have planned several more activities and if you are interested in outdoor education and activities stay tuned!

For more information about the project results please visit our results page on our project website:  https://www.outdoor-project.eu/