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Celik – Macedonian Traditional Game (Video)

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The game itself is a part of Macedonian tradition which was developed over many years, this game and many more are connected with the life of our elders. The game is usually played by young people, and it has been played with generations. The usual time for this game before was 3-4 hours, which over the generations was played less and less. 🇲🇰

This game is a reflection tool that requires, physical activity, strategy, and mutual communication which challenges your body and mind. This is a great game that will help with connection, communication, selecting potential, and improving health. 🤸‍♀️

Special skills will not be required for this activity, the competitive nature of this game will create an exciting atmosphere because the goal and point are who has the most ability to move and think fast in order to stay in the whole game. This traditional game can help in the process of building a relationship and trust.

You can watch the video of our participants playing Celik: