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Project Team

Biljana Popeska 🇲🇰


Biljana Popeska is Associated Professor at Faculty of Educational Sciences at Goce Delcev University in Stip, Republic of Macedonia, teaching Didactics of physical education for pre – school and primary school teachers, Movement games, Motor development of children, Sport pedagogy and Sport & recreation.

Sanja Stefanova 🇲🇰

Project Manager and Youth Worker

Sanja Stefanova, MSc is the President and manager at Youth on Board Sanja Stefanova is Head of International Relation office at the Goce Delcev University in Shtip where she is responsible for the implementation of the internationalization strategy.

Isidora Janeva 🇲🇰

Technician and SMM

Isidora Janeva is a business informatics student and an ambitious trainer to-be, with teaching experience working with children, teenagers and young adults. Her professional experience includes web-development and maintenance of blog-based websites.

Pane Stefanov 🇲🇰

Youth Worker

Mr. Pane Stefanov holds BA in Gastronomy, nutrition and food. One of his passion is traveling and meeting new people that’s why he become actively involved in the NGO sector and participant in the Erasmus+ program. In 2019 he was appointed as Communication and visibility officer on Youth on Board organization where he is working on projects.

Kiril Jordanov 🇲🇰

Financial Manager

Kiril Jordanov, Economist– President and Coordinator of Youth on Board Kiril Jordanov is an advisor for public procurement and Coordinator for implementation of the strategy for youth in the Local government in Shtip. He is also a private advisor for financial-legal and administrative procedures. Kirill has a professional background in domestic and international projects as an organizer and applicant.

Daria Jaranowska 🇩🇪

Project Manager

Ms. Daria Jaranowska has a master in Polish Philology with the pedagogical and journalistic specializations. In years 2014-2016 she was working as a managing director in the European Youth4Media Network e.V.. Since the end of 2016 she is responsible for the International and Media Departments in Bürgerhaus Bennohaus.

Arndt Selders 🇩🇪

Financial Manager

Mr. Arndt Selders is Audio-Visual Media Designer and is working in the Bürgerhaus Bennohaus. He is responsible for project management, coordination and evaluation, department and project finances.

Anastasia Tsagkari 🇬🇷


Anastasia Tsagkari is a project manager at the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development. She gained hands-on experience in finance and project management while living and working in Sydney, Australia and she is currently undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Business & Organisation Administration at the Hellenic Open University.

Maria Gkountopoulou 🇬🇷

Youth Worker

Maria Gkountopoulou works at the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development as a Junior Proposal & Networking Manager. She graduated from the University of Macedonia with a BA in Economics and an MSc in Economics from the University of Thessaly. She has extensive youth work experience, having served as a scout leader for nearly half a decade.

Maria Steinmetz 🇩🇪

Project Coordinator and Youth Worker

Ms. Maria Steinmetz is a qualified media coach and studies music pedagogy and anglistics at the University of Münster to become a teacher. For the past 10 years she has worked as a freelance media coach and youth worker at the Bennohaus in Münster and realized school projects and other educational projects. She was involved in different regional and international media projects over the past years. Since November 2021 she is responsible for the department „family, children and youth“ at the Bürgerhaus Bennohaus.

Mariam Bouchelkia 🇩🇪


Mariam joined the team at the Bennohaus in Münster (Germany) in 2021 within the framework of the federal volunteer service in which young people have the chance to gain first working experience and orientate for their future career. She is working mainly in the area of public relations and media production and is eager in gaining some insight into international projects.