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Youth in Action – Outdoor Activities and Storytelling in Nature 

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Are you ready for an intensive experience of storytelling while in the beautiful surroundings of nature? We most definitely are! From 21.05.2022 to 26.05.2022, we will welcome 12 youngsters from each project partner country to join us in Shtip, North Macedonia. They will be part of our first C2 activity titled “Youth in action – Outdoor activities and storytelling in nature”.

With a diverse set of participants, we will be able to determine vital points which are necessary for the further development of our official project handbook. The participants will be immersed into challenge mode and be given the chance to provide our researchers with valuable feedback.

During this 5-day training, they will practice more than 40 activities in nature including games and storytelling sessions. The challenges will require individual and group work. Additionally, there will be active feedback as well as guidance from youth workers and storytelling educators who will be on site as well!

We are very excited for this upcoming activity and are looking forward to welcoming the youngsters at the end of May in this Blended Mobility of Youth.

You can read more articles on outdoor activities as well as get information on the official project handbook. It will be available to download for free from our website. Follow us on instagram here.

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